Local 261 is the leading union for hotel and food service workers in Canada’s Capital Region. The Local has a strong tradition of organizing, and its members enjoy some of the highest standards in Canada. Like its parent union, UNITE HERE International, Local 261 has maintained its focus on the core hospitality industries since its inception; hotels, cafeterias and restaurants, casino food service and airport food service.

UNITE HERE Canada represents workers, in the hotel and food service industry, in major urban areas as well as remote camps.  UNITE HERE International Union is the largest union for hospitality workers in the world, with a membership exceeding 250,000.

We believe in the brotherhood and sisterhood of unions and have fought side by side with other unions – particularly through the Ottawa District Labour Council, with whom we have a long and close relationship.  We’ve helped extend new standards, like the forty-hour work week, eight (8) hour workdays (hours over 8 become overtime pay) and guaranteed reporting pay of eight (8), six (6) and four (4) hours if an employee is scheduled and no work is available, along with increased benefits in the areas of health & welfare, vacation and pensions to our sector.

We will continue to  work, together with our members, to increase the benefits for all workers in the industry.