On the anniversary of COVID-19 shutdowns, the Sheraton Ottawa fired all of its laid off staff.

Workers, represented by Local 261, have been laid off since last year due to the pandemic and have sought a recall agreement with the hotel since fall 2020 so they could return to their jobs when travel and tourism conditions improve and business recovers at the hotel.

Despite the pending vaccine rollout and signs the industry will begin recovery this year, the hotel refused to extend recall rights. Workers have called on the hotel to reverse terminations immediately but have been met with silence.

The hotel is under the Marriott International brand but owned and operated by Hong Kong based Keck Seng Investments which invests in and owns hospitality properties in Asia and North America.

There is no cost to the Sheraton Ottawa hotel to extend recall rights for workers until business resumes.

“If businesses want the community to support them, then they need to support the community.”

–John Fraser, MPP; Stephen Blais, MPP; and, Lucille Collard, MPP

“Many of these workers are already suffering financial losses having been off work over the past year and now to take away any chance to return is just plain cold and callous.”

–Sean McKenny, Ottawa & District Labour Council

“We do not condone the disposal of workers who have brought decades of economic gain to this hotel .”

–Alex Silas, Regional Executive Vice-President, PSAC-NCR